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Credit Card Processing Options

We offer you several credit card processing options to accept credit cards: Internet, retail, wireless, mail order, Quickbooks and phone order


credit card processing terminal

Credit Card Processing Terminal


We sell credit card processing terminals that gives merchant the ability to accept all major credit cards enabling them to process all forms of payment from anywhere and at anytime.. more

pos systems

POS Systems


Our POS terminals have the ability to dispense value-added services enabling the merchant's business to become viable and scalable. The terminals have the option of communicating, in a secure manner, through terrestrial networks, mobile networks or the internet. more

mobile payment

Mobile Payment Solutions


We provide mobile payment solutions that unlocks the power of the mobile phone to make payments, allowing registered users to pay for goods and services at anytime, anywhere using only a mobile phone equipment. more

credit card software

Credit card Processing Software


We have credit card processing Software compatible with PC or Macintosh, to process all your major credit card transactions through swiping or manual input. more

quickbooks processing

Quickbooks Processing


Our FREE Quickbooks merchant account plug-in allows you to process credit cards directly from within QuickBooks. more

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"I sell fashion accessories in a small, but upscale boutique in an affluent NYC neighborhood. When we opened we called Merchant Industry right at the beginning. They set us up for free for credit card processing. You have to make buying as easy as possible for the customer. I cannot imagine a business in a chic neighborhood not taking plastic. That would be committing business suicide. Maybe in the Bowery but not in this New York neighborhood"