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Merchant Industry has earned one of the best reputations in the credit card processing industry. No other company can boast of higher customer satisfaction or retention rates.

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credit card services
Credit Card Services
Merchant Industry provide credit card processing services to help merchants find ideal business solutions for all their credit card needs. Whether your business is large or small we have perfect plan for you. Merchant Industry has been providing innovative credit card processing services for over four years to the clients around the world. Our credit card processing services will provide you several benefits for your business prospective, some of them are given below:

Next Day Funding • Gas Stations & Convenience • Stores • Quick Service Restaurants
• Professional Trades • Lodging • Grocery Stores & Super Markets • Retail Stores
• Internet Business • Full Service Dining Restaurants • American Express onepoint

merchant cash advance
Merchant Cash Advance
Merchant Industry offers a risk-free alternative method of merchant funding. If you are looking for a new way to finance business improvements such as expanding your business,Upgrading your equipment,Purchasing additional inventory,Buying ad space then we provide the cash solution you have been looking for!

*Cash Advance Loans are not offered by First National Bank of Omaha*

check services
Check Services
Merchant Industry check service enable merchants to accept and process checks similar to a credit card transaction.We have Convenient & inexpensive option for merchants that don’t have a bad check problem but like the benefits of ECC.Our Checks-By-Phone service enables merchants to accept and process Checks from their customers over the Telephone!

pci compliance
PCI Compliance
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an industry-wide compliance requirement created for anyone who stores, processes or transmits payment card data (such as accepting credit card payments).The PCI DSS was created in collaboration with the different payment card brands: American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard and Visa. The requirements are designed to reduce payment card compromises and data theft by helping you secure your sensitive information and reduce your vulnerability to attacks.In an effort to assist you with your compliance efforts. Merchant Industry has partnered with PCI Compliance, LLC, a company specializing in merchant compliance. PCI Compliance, LLC works with merchants to help them overcome their individual hurdles and achieve PCI DSS compliance.

atm services
ATM machines are automated teller machines that you see in banks and convenience stores.Our mission is to sell a reliable equipment. We also offer you nationwide ATM maintenance with our network of certified technicians and if you ever need help of any kind, we will be there.


equipment leasing
Equipment Leasing
Merchant Industry offers the ability to lease equipment as opposed to incurring the immediate expense of purchasing such equipment. At Merchant Industry we provide our merchants with a variety of leasing options, most of which are accompanied by an option to buy. Contact our sales representative today to find out how you can begin accepting credit card payments without having to make an immediate investment into purchasing the processing equipment.


web design
Web Design
Merchant Industry can provide your business with the necessary tools to take full advantage of everything the Internet has to offer. At Merchant Industry we believe that quality Web Design should not be reserved only for large businesses. Merchant Industry will help our merchants create a web site that fits the specific and unique needs of each type of business at a price that is affordable even for small business owners.

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Rob Klein, NYC

"Merchant Industry may be a smaller company than Chase, but their personal attention to my business is amazing. I saved a lot of money with them. When you call you get to speak to the same people all the time. I even had the CEO call me when I had question and he would provide me the solution. I highly recommend them to any type of business"


"When we took over an existing restaurant business they were a cash only operation. They had an ATM for customers who did not have cash. After speaking to dozens of people we found that this was hurting their business more than the couple of percentage points that credit card processing costs. It is a debit card world and many people do not carry much cash and resent the charges incurred between their bank and the ATM companies. They said they often pass the place up for those reasons. We decided to have a free terminal installed by Merchant Industry and post a sign outside that we now accept credit and debit cards. Business has almost doubled since we took over thanks to Merchant Industry and a great staff also, of course."